LGBT volunteering London with Just Like Us

by Just Like Us
July 2022

Ambassadors chatting at our Ambassador Away Day in London

Just Like Us has lots of opportunities to do LGBT volunteering in London.

We are the LGBT+ young people’s charity and we run an Ambassador Programme for 18 to 25 year olds.

Every autumn, we run training sessions in London, online and other locations in the UK.

Our Ambassador Programme is a great way to do LGBT volunteering in London – you’ll meet new friends, learn new skills and help us tackle anti-LGBT+ bullying in schools across the capital.

LGBT volunteering London

Isaac is a trans man who volunteers with Just Like Us in London. After training to become a Just Like Us ambassador, he has volunteered to speak in school about his experiences growing up LGBT+.

LGBT volunteering London: One of our volunteer ambassadors giving a Just Like Us school talk.
Isaac gives a school talk

He has also spoken about why allyship matters in workplaces and in the media.

“I’ve told my story to hundreds of school pupils in London,” he explains. “In the process, I’ve found an incredible community of other young LGBT+ volunteers who share my values of openness, kindness, and respect.

“It’s opportunities like these that have empowered me to take ownership of my story and come to terms with its most difficult elements. This has ultimately been the key factor for me in learning self-love and compassion.”

What is the Ambassador Programme?

Just Like Us’ Ambassador Programme is a unique LGBT volunteering opportunity. By volunteering your time as an ambassador, you will:

  • Use your voice: Volunteer by speaking in schools, workplaces and the media
  • Develop skills: Build skills through training, mentoring and workshops
  • Find community: Be part of a network of LGBT+ young people across the UK

Rhea, a Londoner on our Ambassador Programme, says volunteering has helped her be ‘fully’ herself.

Rhea is now an ambassador

“Just Like Us helped me with bringing the representation I needed growing up to schools,” she explains.

“I volunteer with the charity, giving school talks so pupils can have the moment I had when I finally saw that I can be me – fully me.”

LGBT volunteering London: How to get involved

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