Amy Lamé, London’s Night Czar: ‘Acceptance is vital for LGBT+ young people to thrive’

by Just Like Us
July 2022

Amy Lame talks to Founders' Circle members

Amy Lamé, London’s Night Czar, highlighted the importance of LGBT+ inclusive education at Just Like Us’ exclusive event for Founders’ Circle members on Thursday.

Speaking at Just Like Us’ event, the lesbian author and activist reminded the audience of just how important acceptance is in light of the recent attacks in Oslo.

She said: “Acceptance is vital for LGBT+ young people to thrive. But even in 2022, acceptance is not guaranteed. We see more and more Pride flags on display every year, which is fantastic, but sometimes that visibility can feel hollow.

“While we have made some huge advances, it is still too often dangerous to be LGBT+. The attack in Oslo is a horrific reminder of how we as a community are still under attack.

Amy Lamé talks at Just Like Us' event
Amy Lamé also talked about tackling anti-LGBT+ bullying in schools

“I wrote my book, From Prejudice to Pride, with LGBT+ young people in mind. They need to know that there’s a community out there that is ready to celebrate them.”

Amy Lamé made the statement at Just Like Us’ exclusive Pride month event for their Founders’ Circle.

Salesforce kindly hosted the event, which was held on the top floor of Heron Tower in London. Founders’ Circle members enjoyed a drinks reception on the Ohana floor with views across the capital, and also learnt about recent School Diversity Week successes.

Teacher Alison Ollett also spoke at the event. Her school won Outstanding Pride Group in the 2021 Role Model Awards.

Founders' Circle members watch highlights from School Diversity Week 2022
Founders’ Circle members then heard about School Diversity Week 2022

Amy Lamé on the need to support Just Like Us

Amy Lamé spoke about her support for the charity’s Founders’ Circle and tackling anti-LGBT+ bullying.

The London Night Czar added: “Just Like Us works day in and day out with schools across the UK. They are changing the lives of LGBT+ young people.

“They’re working to tackle anti-LGBT+ bullying, bring more acceptance and create much-needed change.”

 Amy Lamé speaks to Founders' Circle members
Amy Lamé spoke with Founders’ Circle members

Join the Founders’ Circle

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By joining the Founders’ Circle, you’ll be invited to our events where our members hear from speakers such as Amy Lamé and Clare Balding.

Dr Ranj chats with Founders' Circle members
Dr Ranj chats with Founders’ Circle members

Dominic Arnall, Chief Executive of Just Like Us, said: “We are delighted that thousands of schools have now taken part in School Diversity Week, showing their pupils that being LGBT+ is something to be celebrated.

“We’re tremendously grateful to Amy Lamé, and the individuals in our Founders’ Circle. Our Founders’ Circle members are having a transformational effect on the lives of LGBT+ young people through their roles as donors and flag bearers for the charity. We encourage you to join us.”