Pride products that support LGBT charities

by Just Like Us
June 2022

Pride products that support LGBT charities

Pride products that support LGBT charities can sometimes be hard to come by. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of incredible Pride merch that donate profits to support LGBT+ young people.

All of the Pride merchandise listed below are products that actually support LGBT charities. Every product listed is donating to Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people’s charity.

So you can celebrate Pride in the comfort of knowing that you’re also support a good cause.

Just Like Us runs School Diversity Week, happening during Pride month, to tackle anti-LGBT+ bullying and make sure that every young person knows that being LGBT+ is something to be celebrated.

Growing up LGBT+ is still unacceptably tough. LGBT+ young people are twice as likely to be bullied, be lonely and have depression.

Your support is vital.

Pride products that support LGBT causes

Eylure – Love is Love No.117 Pride Inspired Lashes

Eylure have created these original lashes with rainbow coloured tips to celebrate Pride and add a flash of rainbow to your Pride outfit.

The beauty brand has been partnering with Just Like Us since 2020. Eylure is providing a donation to Just Like Us so that we can support even more LGBT+ young people.

Eylure: Pride products that support LGBT charities
Eylure’s Love is Love lashes support charity Just Like Us

Gibsons Games – Just Like Us 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Just Like Us has partnered with Gibsons Games to create this incredible Pride puzzle. It’s designed by illustrator Lucy Kirk and truly celebrates the diversity of Pride.

For every puzzle sold, Gibsons Games will donate 25p to Just Like Us. The puzzle brand has also made an initial donation of £4,000 to the charity.

Puzzle: Pride products that support LGBT charities
This Pride puzzle by Gibsons Games donates 25p from every puzzle to charity Just Like Us

Memoize – The Colour Range

Memoize has released a brand new range of perfumes called The Colour Range.

They are donating a proportion of the profits to Just Like Us to help us support LGBT+ young people.

The range featured scents in the colours of the Pride flag, so you can find your perfect scent this Pride season.

Memoize perfume: Pride products that support LGBT charities
Memoize are donating to LGBT charity, Just Like Us


Luxury tea brand JP’s ORIGINALS is celebrating Pride by donating 10% of their online sales to Just Like Us.

A supportive brew: Pride products that support LGBT charities
Show your support with a brew: Pride products that support LGBT charities

From Calming Chamomile to Delicate Darjeeling, there’s something for everyone. Your brew will help us support more LGBT+ young people.