Role Model Awards
About the awards
About the awards

Our Role Model Awards, sponsored by J.P. Morgan, recognise the individuals and institutions making outstanding contributions to tackling prejudice against LGBT+ people at school, university and the workplace. Find out more about last year's winners below!

Role Model Awards 2020

The Role Model Awards 2020 will take place in London on 11 February 2020. Just Like Us will support the costs of travel and accommodation for award winners living outside of London. 

Nominations close at midnight on 12 December 2019


Business of the Year

This award recognises an organisation which has engaged in - or sponsored - activities to support LGBT+ young people and improve understanding about LGBT+ issues in their business and the communities in which they work. 

Junior Employee of the Year

This award recognises a junior employee who, since entering the workplace, has been a visible LGBT+ role model, demonstrated the attributes of a future LGBT+ leader and engaged in work to raise awareness about the challenges of being LGBT+ in the workplace.

 Workplace Categories 

Ambassador of the Year

This award recognises an LGBT+ young person, aged 18-25, who has done extraordinary work to improve the lives of LGBT+ young people and engage straight and cisgender people in championing LGBT+ equality. 

Youth Group of the Year

This award recognises a youth group which has provided a safe space for LGBT+ young people, supporting them to build confidence in their identity and helping them to realise their potential. 

 Young People Categories 

School/College of the Year

This award recognises a whole-school effort to make LGBT+ inclusion a central priority, involving pupils, staff, parents and governors in their work, and making positive improvements for LGBT+ young people through policy changes, pedagogy, campaigns and anti-bullying interventions. 

Educator Champion Award

This award recognises an LGBT+ or ally educator who has worked to make their classroom and school/college a place where LGBT+ young people feel included, e.g. creating an inclusive curriculum, training staff and raising awareness about why LGBT+ equality in the classroom matters. 

School/College LGBT+ Group of the Year

This award recognises an ‘LGBT+ and Ally Group’ which has demonstrated outstanding work around social action, peer-to-peer support or awareness raising about LGBT+ issues in their school/college.    

Student Ally of the Year

This award recognises a straight, cisgender young person who has been a role model for positive allyship, going above and beyond to empower other young people to support the LGBT+ community at their school or college.  

LGBT+ Student Role Model of the Year

This award recognises an LGBT+ young person who has not only had the courage to be a visible role model in their school or college, but has taken action to support other LGBT+ young people in their school community and encourage non-LGBT+ students to be allies. There are two awards in this category. 

 School Categories 

Last year's Role Model Award Winners

Clare Gallant.jpg

Senior Leader Award

Claire Gallant, Long Stratton High School

Claire organised a whole school non-uniform day on which every form dressed in a colour of the rainbow. She used the week to stimulate discussion and raise pupil awareness about acceptance and challenging intolerance.


Student Ally Award 

Raj Sangha’s Tutor Group, Oaks Park High School

Raj Sangha’s form embraced School Diversity Week. As inspirational role models for the rest of the school, they ran awareness-raising events and decorated the doors to show their support for LGBT+ equality. They’ve helped build the tolerance, understanding and empathy of their fellow students.

Kings school award 7402.jpg

Student Leadership Award

Respect Group, The King’s School

The Respect Group ran a week-long event for 1,200 students. They ordered new books and DVDs for the library, organised a cake sale and ran workshops with tutor groups about homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying. They also visited their Senior Leadership Team and led a whole staff INSET on the subject.

Lynmara Hingston.jpg

Teacher Champion Award

Lynmara Hingston, Whitefield School

Two years ago Lynmara championed a 'Rainbow Day' at the school to celebrate all things LGBT+ which has since transformed into 'School Diversity Week' - a three-day extravaganza in the school involving face-painting, exploring LGBT+ figures throughout history and poetry writing.

Kayla Gill.jpg

LGBT+ Student Leader Award

Kayla Gill, The Boswells School

Building on the work of School Diversity Week, Kayla has set up an LGBT+ group for students across the school, presented at staff meetings LGBT+ issues and developed lesson resources for staff to use. She also created a rainbow school display that all students in the school participated in to commemorate the Orlando attack.

Martha Hughes.jpg

LGBT+ Student Leader Award

Martha Hughes, Royds Hall Community School

Martha has gone beyond all expectations to change attitudes and normalise LGBT+ issues in school. She pioneered School Diversity Week at the school, carrying on her work at Greenhead College and in the wider community. She speaks passionately to adults and young people in the school to raise awareness about LGBT+ equality.