Catch up on Ambassadors' Day 2020

​and choose to continue or finish your volunteering in 2020-21

Just before schools start again in autumn 2020, ambassadors take a pause to:


A huge thanks to the ambassadors who have participated in 2019-20, and to those who took part in our online Ambassadors' Day on Tuesday 25 August. Please tell us what you thought of it.


Please remember what happened or catch up with the parts you missed, by going through this webpage. Then tell us whether you recommit to being an ambassador in 2020-21, alongside 160 new ambassadors.


​These sessions are internal to Just Like Us. They're strictly private for Just Like Us members, not least to keep members of our LGBT+ community safe. Please do not share any of the content you see here on any public-facing forum or with anyone who is not an ambassador or staff member.

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